Taylormade Ewe Knit’s Ethical Trading Principles
Taylormade Ewe Knit is an ethical trading company. We do our best to ensure that the wools are ethically sourced and do not involve human or animal cruelty, (such as ‘Mulesing’) from native breeds and supporting rural communities dependent on wool production for a living. We promote Fair Trade, honest business practices and support peace and local charities. We employ local knitters at fair wages. We use local printers, local designers and where possible, recycled paper.

If you have any wool left over, why not knit squares for our knit for peace blankets which we will sew up and sell for charities working in disaster areas.

Each square should be 6 inches (aprox 30 stiches) Sq., any stitch. When you have them knitted just put them in an envelope and post to – Taylormade Ewe Knit, Boherkyle, Freshford, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland. We will keep you up to date on the progress of blankets.


an-postWe use An Post in order to support your local post office, to cut down on road miles and because they have good local knowledge. Parcels will go by regular post but if you would like a recorded delivery the cost will be an extra €5. Every effort will be made to achieve a same day dispatch but please allow 14 days for delivery. Orders over €70 post free. You will receive an email to confirm your order.